Tramadol (Ultram)

Generic Name: tramadol (TRAM a dol)

Brand Names: ConZip, Rybix ODT, Ultram

Strengths: Tramadol 100mg, 50mg

Where to buy Tramadol online?



Tramadol is considered to be a narcotic-like pain reliever and is used to treat any sort of pain in the body ranging from moderate to severe. This med is categorized as a synthetic prescription pill which is sold under the brand name Ultram. Ultram is also available in the extended release form which is used for round the clock treatment of pain. People can choose online pharmacies to purchase the drug, as internet drugstores are considered as the safe and best place to buy Tramadol online in a safe manner.

Are there any potential benefits of Tramadol over other pain relievers?

The narcotic-like action of Tramadol in the body relieves pain and eases one’s tensions and relaxes them. This medication can ease the pain over much unresponsive over the counter pain killers in the market. However, when compared to other narcotic pills, it has very less potential to addiction and its safety profile is also much higher. Unlike other painkillers that are known to be very potent, it does not affect the respiratory or the cardiac functioning. The generic forms are not that expensive compared to the brand ones.

How will I know if Tramadol is the right one for me?

Tramadol though has a high rate of safety and claims to be very effective, it still could not be considered safe for many people. Discuss with your doctor about all your health conditions and learn about the dosage strength properly while getting it prescribed in order to avert unnecessary consequences in your health.

Are there any contraindications to using Tramadol?

You need to stop using Tramadol if you have any of the following:

  • A history of drug allergy
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Pediatric age group (under 18, as the effects of Tramadol are not much understood for children)
  • Above 65 years (dose adjustment would be required as the drug molecules have the tendency to stay longer in the body in elderly people than in young people)
  • A personal history of seizure, epilepsy, kidney or liver problems, drug abuse or alcohol dependency, heart ailments, psychiatric conditions, stomach upset.

Should I need to avoid some other meds while taking Tramadol?

Try avoiding consuming the following therapeutic agents so as to avert any serious and life-threatening drug interactions:

  • CNS depressants
  • Epileptic meds
  • MAO Inhibitors
  • Anti-psychotic meds
  • Carbamazepine

Are there any possible side effects of Tramadol I need to be careful about?

Like any other prescription medicine, Tramadol too has its own set of side effects.

  • Symptoms of CNS (central nervous system) like anxiety, agitation, drowsiness, changes in mood, trouble concentrating
  • Gastrointestinal issues like constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, nausea, loss of appetite and vomiting
  • Respiratory issues like stuffy nose, cough, skin conditions such as rashes, itching, and redness of the skin.

When should I seek medical intervention?

When you are consuming Tramadol and if you encounter any unpleasant symptoms like loss of consciousness, finding it difficult to breathe, abnormalities in heart rhythm, pinpoint pupils, changes in muscular tone or seizures, then consult a physician immediately. During these circumstances, an intervention of medical assistance is utmost necessary.

Can I consume alcohol when taking Tramadol?

When taking Tramadol, researchers suggest that it is better to avoid taking alcohol. This is because; both of these substances have the possibility to potentiate the effect of each other in the brain which can cause drowsiness and also a loss of consciousness in some cases. The drug also potentiates the effect of brain sedatives, flu medications, and certain tranquilizers.


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